Shop outliner

Is there source-specific info for Shop which explains how to use Outliner? For instance, how to group items, change visibility, etc.?

In SketchUp (Shop), visibility is controlled by Layers.
Use the search filter to narrow down what you need, select them and assign a layer.
There is not really more to it.
Model organisation starts when you have drawn the very first object, give it a meaningful name.
Besides assigning to layers, you could also select and then put the selection in a new group (Rightclick, make group)

Yes, I know about visibility and layers. I was hoping to be able to use Outliner to group items and then control visibility for all members of the group. But groups can’t be created in Outliner?

Hmmmm… I don’t get it. So, first I select items from my drawing, create a group, and then I can add items to the group in Outliner? I can’t “context click” items in Outliner, right?

Outliner only shows things that have already been made groups or components. You can’t create a group or component there and you can’t add edges or faces there. You can drag one group onto another in outliner to nest it inside though.

Not in Shop. You can in desktop versions of SketchUp, though.

I think I understand now. I need to practice now to become more familiar with it. Thanks!!

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