Interactive Tutorials

I am new to SU for Schools but was using downloadable version. There is a series of great interactive tutorials (link to 1st one below) that I used to use but can’t seem to get the tabs to load on the web version. Is there anything available for SU for Schools?


Hi @philbrann, there are a bunch of SketchUp for Schools tutorials! To access them when inside the app, click on the hamburger menu at the top left, and then click ‘Curriculum’. You can also find the tutorials here on (scroll down a bit).

Regarding the interactive tutorial that you grabbed from the desktop version, you can view the scene tabs by clicking on ‘Views’ in the right nav bar.

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I like the interactive tutorials that I had referenced. My 7th graders seem to respond better. Is there a way I can develop my own interactive lessons like those that I referenced?

Scenes are located in the views panel on the right (instead of tabs at the top of the modeling window). I imported the model at the link you provided and it worked just fine.