Creating Interactive Tutorials for Middle School Students

I’ve been using a few of the self-paced tutorials with my middle school students and they’re great! I’d like to make a tutorial of my own targeted to my classes. Can anyone help? I love the format (the tabs at the top of the tutorials) and the way that students actually do things in them. Just not sure where to start. Thanks!

Everyone here is poised and ready to help. To begin the process all you have to do is ask a specific question or ask for a demonstration of a specific technique. However, I don’t think you’ll get too many volunteers until you define exactly what you mean by “help.”


Scroll down this Educational section a bit. There are books and a personal site with lesson plans.

I took the request to be about help on making such interactive tutorials. It’s just clever use of the Scenes feature. You make a lot of scenes, where each view has what you want to show visible. Take any of the example tutorials and show the Scenes palette and the Layers palette. Now click on a scene tab, and note how the layers are made visible or invisible.

Thanks, Colin. That’s exactly what I was asking. I can’t wait to give your suggestion a try!

Thanks for your response, Gully. I’m asking how I would make an interactive tutorial like the ones in the link (the self-paced tutorials).

Thanks for the tip, catamountain!

Take a peek at this Case Study of a teacher using SketchUp in jis middle school classes:

Perhaps that can give you some tips - or you can leave a comment on the page and ask for more help

Awesome. Thanks for your help!