Tutorial Videos, Lesson Plans, and Posters

The curriculum videos and lesson plans are great! The pacing and language in each video was very age appropriate. I would like to see more videos. Is there a place where teachers can connect to share content they create (lesson plans, videos, etc.)? It would also be wonderful to be able to download the images of the menu introductions:

in a handout size and poster size format so that we can print them for our classrooms.



Thank you for your feedback! We will be adding more SketchUp-made curriculum over the next few months, so be sure to look out for more content in the app.

As far as sharing content with other teachers: here, on the forums, is one of the best SketchUp-hosted places for that. Otherwise, we have many educators who are active on social media; you may be able to find new and exciting lesson plans with a quick “SketchUp for Schools” search on Twitter or YouTube.

Thanks also for the comment on the SketchUp interface tour. We’re revisiting how and when you access it in the coming months. We will look into the possibility of exporting images of the tour while we’re at it.


We actually found the narrator of the SketchUp for Schools curriculum, Mike Harmon (Middle School educator – short bio here), on YouTube. He’s made a ton of SketchUp tutorials for his own classes, and we felt he should share his video talents with a much, much larger community. Check it out!


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Thank you!

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