Changing color of a dashed line

Is there a way to change the color of a dashed line for a floor plan in Sketchup. ?

You could set Edge color to By Material and set Color by Tag in the Tags panel. Then the component or group containing the edge(s) will take on the color assigned to the tag. Or you could change the color of the lines for the tag in the viewport in LayOut. My preference is the later as there is much more control over the appearance of the dashed lines in LO than in SU.

Hi Dave

Thanks for the reply. i tried changing the color from all the same to material but I loose all the lines of the floor plan.

I tried adding a faint dotted line in Sketchup and then in Layout traces over the faint dotted line but I get a mask.

Share the SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve done.

First, why would you trace over it? There’s no need. Second, what do you mean by a “mask”? Do you have Fill enabled in Shape Style?

Here are a couple of videos that describe changing SU edge colors in SU or LO:

In SU:
In LO:

Thanks very much from both of you for your input on this. A big help. Can’t believe I missed the tag option in Layout.

Have a good weekend.