Changing Axis

I’ll wrap up. Maybe a new thread on PCs…?

SE brought me back to SketchUp. I had some hick-ups trying to get SketchUp Viewer for Hololens (Legacy) downloaded/reloaded, became frustrated and set it down for around a year (so didn’t even use Studio much). It has to be restated that (I think it’s Marius and Aurelius???) were so helpful that it rubbed off on the Undet software. At any rate, I’m ‘allocated’ to SU/SE for now. I’m hearing that people are using these PC tools differently than I am… so I must be keeping it simple, or missing out.

Whodathunk? Nice touch.

Not building but remodeling. (Can’t seem to find pics of that room - it had mouse holes for door entryways). One image was of corrugated and batten board siding. I was trying to see if I was getting the textures and colors right. See below.

The ‘real’ reason I was drawing the house in the first place:


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