Changing attributes of a line i.e. colour, width, arrow head etc. in SU Make

I am very new at this and I hope I am in the right place. I am trying to draw a silly-simple 2D sketch but I need some lines dotted, some to be arrows, and some different colours. I do not have the PRO version of SU. Is what I am trying to do possible?

Unfortunately it’s not but it’s one of the most common feature request. The closest you can get to different widths is to draw a narrow face instead of an edge and hide its bounding edges. For line stipple you can right click an edge and chose divide and then manually delete every other segment.

Thanks Julia,
Thank goodness. I thought I was going crazy trying to find out how to do
it. Your hints are very useful as a work around but it would be awesome if
the feature could be included in a future version of Sketchup Make. It
can’t be that difficult.
Thanks again

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SketchUp is in general not a drafting program for creating shop drawings (aka 2D CAD) but a 3D modeler.

With the external ‘Layout’ program available of the commercially usable SketchUp Pro version the creation of 2D drawings is feasible.

Alternatively you might want use a ‘real’ 2D CAD as e.g. the free version of DraftSight (an AC clone).

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