Changing an object so it matches the 45 degree rule after designing it?


I have made a leaf which I bended so it matches around a candle.
Now I want to print it, but wasn’t aware of the 45 degree rule, so you can print without support.
Is there some tool or extension that can make the degrees of an object so there are suitable for printing without support?

Thanx in advance,
greetz Kaelyn

Probably I want something that isnt’t possible, I’m trying to find some other way to fix it.

A couple of things:

Will you be printing on a particular printer you have access to or using a service? The reason this is important is that different 3D technologies have different constraints to avoid support structures. If you are using a service, there may be a technology that allows you to print it as it is now, without needing to change the design.

Can you upload your .skp model to allow the rest of us to take a closer look?

It’s possible, I’m just not aware of any plugins that do supports. Perhaps
we’ll learn about some in response to your topic. You can always build your
our supports and break them off after the print. Usually supports are
generated after the design leaves SU and before it is printed, using
software like Cura, Slic3r, Meshmixer, et al.

MeshMixer shows them but as noted above it is process and material dependent. Usually the printer usually recommend the first thing you do is select the material. How the item is installed on the print bed needs to be considered also since it can be it can be tilted. You should check on net these links are some what long in the tooth

Ops missed one The Free Beginner's Guide - 3D Printing Industry
i.materialise has ties to Trimble via 3d warehouse, they will check you model for free.
Are you printing yourself??

Thanx for your replies.
The model was printed by a particular printer, with the material abs, and the printsoftware calculated the support needed.
Unfortunately the support affects the model, so when the support is disappeared of the model you still can see there was support.
So I thought the quality of the print would be better when it doesn’t need support at all.
I also thougt about printing the leaves and candle individual, and glueing it together afterwards.
But then I need to separate them with a hole in the candle, so I can glue the leaf in that hole. I’m trying to do this, but had already trouble with making a solid-trim of them.
I will add the skp, maybe someone knows a solution!
Leaf and candle - 1000x enlarged.skp (1.4 MB)

Did you try to 3d-print the ‘leaf’ on its own ?
Shape Bender Component_8.skp (1.0 MB)
I see nothing in it that is fouling the 45 degree angle !

It might be better if [before sending to 3d-print] you turned the ‘extracted’ component so its backside is facing down ?

Yeah, seems a good idea to me.
I was trying to make the leaf flat on the backside, so it can be printed on his back.
Therefore I was working with the solid-trim, to divide the leaf and candle, but couldn’t make it work.
I got a model with holes in it.
Leaf and candle - 1000x enlarged - trying to trim leaf and candle together.skp (1.9 MB)

I don’t know what steps you did.
But it didn’t work !

Two ways I see…
Select the '‘leaves’ component and use change-axes context-menu.
Alternatively, use Save_As, make a separate SKP… open that and rotate its geometry to ‘lay-flat’…
Then try and 3d-print that…


I didn’t take a close look, but a quick looks tells me that you might have no problems printing it with an SLA process. Only detail that leaps out as questionable is circled below:

When I check the entity info it does not report as solid.
IMHO you need a different printer. The they should be able to print the leaf without making it flat. I would treat the whole candle as a solid unless you want 3/4 plastic The cost should not be much different unless I miss something? That is what you want for the candle anyway I’m guessing. Where were the supports they included? I’m think it was not for the leaf?
IMHO you model / concept needs more work:slight_smile:
Even after removing the leaf the candle holder still shows non solid because it has a nested instance

Did you try the separated component ?
As my earlier attachment ??

Remove the nested instance in the bowl and the extraneous edges and it is now solid. Talk to your printer and understand why they cannot print the leaf as stand alone and then bond on for you or you can do that your self. Ask what materials you need to do that. The leaf model still needs some work IMHO.
If they were planning supports in the holder ask them if they have room on the print bed to cant it to avoid those. If have not checked angles there yet.