Balancing issue with 3d printing?

This is my first sketch for a university class. I was wondering if there where any tools I could use to make sure that my model here would stay upright during printing. Thanks.

How about adding temporary legs down from strategic points. Cut them off after printing.

Thanks for the quick reply! I will take that into consideration. Do you think it would stand without the extra support in your opinion?

I don’t know if it would stand or not. I expect it would depend upon the
material and the size.

One thing you’ll want to make sure of before trying to print it is that
there are no exposed back faces (blue ones) and that SketchUp calls the
component or group a solid.

See meshmixer( free version) it will give you info on supports required also depends on print technologly used.
Are you printing yourself or having it done, commercial printers y will give you info. Some times you can lay down but does not look this case is possible. You should post your model for better look.
See this link

Here it is again :smiley:

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As mentioned by @mac7595, balancing will not be the problem but the needed support structure for those overhangs (if you want to use a FDM printer).