3D print tailplane

Hello there!

This is my first time making a 3d-printable model in Sketchup. Its a 1:200 scale Airbus A350, and will be separated in parts so i don’t need any structural support during printing. But the tail surfaces (vertical and horizontal stabilizers) are quite thin, so i was wondering if i’ll be able to print the whole rear fuselage vertically without needing to print the fins separately.

Here’s a photo of it. The tails have some sweep angle, but i’m worrying about exceeding the 45 degree limit. Each fin has about 4,5 cm in span.

Send me the file I will print it right now if you want and see what happens (I am in experimental phase still!), it might be possible, I printed something similar without support at the weekend.

Well the model is not finished yet, but after seeing minute 21.05 of this video:

…the speed at which he printed that straight overhang makes me dobut about that 45 degree limit! Oviously he was using some cooling fan. But i’ve seen other printable planes out there and all of them have fins printed within the model and not separately. They are quite small and lightweight, so i think sagging will not be an issue. I was wondering this, because i am planning to sell this 3d model as a STL and i wanna be sure about what i am doing.

Your profile indicates that you are using SketchUp Make 2017. That version is not licensed for commercial work.

Well up to you let me know if you change your mind, i’ve had good success with overhangs on my Ender 3.
I printed this Trex lower jaw with just a single support midway in the jaw and also this Sulaco vertically with no support (90 degree overhangs for the guns).

In my (limited) experience so far it all depends on the printer and size of the model itself. We have an industrial 3D printer in work for example and overhands are no issue for the most part even at extreme angles. Granted, the difference between my €200 printer in my spare room and the work €250,000 printer are vast but the point is there are so many in the middle its always hard to tell how the print will go.

You may struggle to sell since you can already find easily printable models of the A350 for free online.