Change User Name

How do I change the user-name of a Classic Sketch-up seat?

If you mean you want to change the email adress to which your classic license is tied, contact support again!

No, The user name shows up under the HELP pull-down menu when we click on MANAGE LICENCE.
See the “Licensed to” line: It shows User Name / Company Name.
The owner doesn’t like the user names I chose. He wants generic names: shop 1 , shop 2, …

Is it a network license?

No. “Classic”

FYI. A SketchUp License is personal, you may install and activate on two machines, typically the desktop at work and a laptop for on the road.
The enduser’s name to which it is assigned is can only be altered by support. They can not be different for the two machines.

I wish to change my username because this is what is being displayed on this public forum. In preferences I am only able to edit the ‘Name’ box which is marked as optional. I either want to display this optional name or edit my username.


You mean your name on this forum?
This thread was about SketchUp license info.

I believe @colin can change your forum username.

Mike I posted here because as far as I can tell my sketchup license info and this forum info are unified and the same.

Thanks Box, ill contact colin

If I could I wouldnt have asked