Change the human scale figure size

how do I change the size of the human being on sketchup. like I believe the person is 5’2" but I want them to be a different height. I know there is a way to change or create another figure and make them the size you want because I have done it before years ago when I first tried this program

You could use the Scale tool. Or you could measure the figure with the Tape Measure tool making sure to click on end points at the top and bottom and enter the desired height.

so I triple click the person and then I use the tape measure and click the endpoint and then type in the height I want like 7’ or 5’8"?

No. Double click to open the component for editing. With the Tape Measure tool click on an end point at the foot then on at the top of the head. Then type the desired height and hit Enter.

when I double click it snaps the person from to the center and has a black dotted cube around it. but when I try and click ends and change height, nothing happens. I measure the person and they are still the same size

I guess I got it to work now lol. but hopefully I figure it out precisely.

I think the part I have a issue with is sometimes I try and measure the person but after I click the endpoint it just says toggle create guide. and it also keeps measuring instead of me being able to enter my desired height

Be sure to click-and-release the mouse on the first point, move the mouse with no buttons down (you should be able to temporarily let go of the mouse while moving the cursor), then click-and-release on the second point. Do not click-down on first point, drag, release-up on second point.

Also make sure that the clicks actually find a target on the model to which to anchor. The scale all model method won’t work if the endpoints chosen by the tape measure tool aren’t tied to geometry.

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