How do you change the depth and height of a model but not the length?


I have almost finished a model and have realised that the depth and height are not quite right, but I do not want to change the length. The tape measure tool only changes the dimensions of the whole model, whilst the move tool changes one part of the model so with something 3D and with multiple edges (some curved), I’m not sure if that’s the one for me either.

This is the model, and what I wish to change about it:

And here is the sketchup file should it be easier to explain with this: Plug socket.skp (238.3 KB)

Thank you very much :blush:

This is somewhat more complicated than it might at first seem because the shapes and various parts involved leave choices on how to make the changes. Any stock answer will involve assumptions about what you actually need.

For example:

  • The back has a straight section (with inset channel) and a curved section. How do you want to split the changes between them? If the height and width changes are the same amount, you could increase the radius of the arc, move it up and back, and move the straight part back. But if the changes are different, you must either warp the curve away from circular or split the change between the two areas.
  • Is the size of the channel in the back important? That is, does it need to stay the same or can it be stretched vertically for the new height? If it stays the same, does that imply that the entire flat section must stay the same, or can there be some added height to the flats above and/or below the channel?
  • The top corner of the front panel can reach the new height by changing a combination of the slope and width. How would you like the front to come out? If its width changes, how should the plug sockets be located in the new width?

Sorry to make your life more difficult, but the right answer really isn’t clear to me, and it affects the best choice of SketchUp tools and techniques to use.

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@slbaumgartner Thank you for your help and detailed explanation, I think based on what you’re saying it’s definitely best for me to leave it be and not worry about the difference between the sketchup model size and actual (object) size! The height and width changes would have been the same (sorry not to have mentioned this) so now I know if I need to change something like this in the future that’s how to go about it; looking first at changing the arc. Many, many thanks! Have a good weekend :smile:

Hello and not sure if this is what you are after?? I just scaled it from the center right hand grip. You can type in the equal dimensions, I selected the entire model ( right to left select) and did move//copy. Then applied scale tool to the copy. Click that middle right hand grip, it gives a tool tip: Red,Blue Scale about Opposite Point and start to pull to enlarge the width~height. While you pull just stop and do backspace to clear dimension box and type in dimensions like 1.75,1.75 and it will scale equally. I went back and selected all the plug components and with move//copy re-alined them to larger copy. If it helps you out cool…Peace…

Scale from middle grip.skp (272.1 KB)

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@mrwmrutski Hi! So sorry, never logged back in after the previous response! So silly, thank you every so much for helping me out! :smile:

No worries and it is my pleasure!! I hope you got it figured out, here is a bonus look. Take care and …Peace…

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Really helpful, thank you! I will come back and reference your comments if I try to scale/ change the size of something like this again :smile: