Change several components to one colour

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I imported a CAD file into sketchup for a uni assignment. All the buildings have gone black. Is it possible to change them all to one except for the ones I’ve already changed to blue as they are on my subject site. The file is too big too attach but i’ve attached a screenshot. As you can see the houses are all individual components so in order to change each one’s colour it would take wayyyy too long. I am trying to make a drawing similar to the attached.

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hello, pick your bucket tool (default shortcut B) then hold alt and click on the black material, it’ll load it in the material panel. Inside this material panel, click on the edit tab and pick the color you want in the color wheel


You’re a legend. Thank you so much.

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Paul answered the question you asked, but something else to try is to turn off View/Edge Style/Profiles. That being enabled will make all lines look darker, and is a lot more demanding. Turning it off may make the buildings look ok without having to color them in, and you should notice that you can move around the model a lot smoother.


Hi Colin, Thanks. It does look better. It also helped me to discover turning off all edges as below. It looks great but It would be good if I could keep edges on for the main buildings (or just to show the levels of the buildings) - blue and red. and for the roads as well. Is there an easy way to do this?

Applying different styles to different objects is a long standing Feature Request.
Extensions for you to explore (payed):

Ghost mode is also available in Trimble Connect (Free)