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I meet a problem. I only want to change the stair highlighted in blue but the stairs highlighted in yellow will be changed as well. Could anyone help me solve this problem?

Hard to tell exactly from just a screen shot. Looks like the steps are all instances of the same component. Select the step components you want to modify, right click on them and choose Make Unique.

It’s been suggested before that you go through the instructional materials at
I’ll suggest it yet again.

If the stairs are all instances of the same components, as suggested by Dave, don’t paint their faces inside the component context. Keep the default texture for that.

Instead, select only the steps that you want to paint differently and apply the required colour or texture to the selection. The painting is done on the outside of the component context.

This procedure allows you to eventually modify the steps geometry while keeping any texturing done on the outside of the component context.

Notice that any colour or texture applied inside of a component definition has precedence on colours or textures applied outside of the context. This is very useful if you create cars, for example. You can use black colour for tires and a translucent colour for windows inside the component context. Then, from outside its context you can paint it any colour. This allows you to copy the component and have many different colours for the car bodies but all cars will have black tires and translucent windows.

5340 Bimini’.skp (1.6 MB)
Hello Daver,

I have searched the tutorial videos but didn’t find the answer. I made unique for each of the stair within green circle. I wonder is there a way to modify one step and other other steps will be changed automatically.

Thank you for your help.

Instead of making each step component unique, you should have selected all of the steps in the green circle and made them unique. That would have separated them from the ones outside the green circle but kept them related to each other.

Those steps are now related components.
5340 Bimini’.skp (862.1 KB)


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What are the steps if I also want to edit stairs highlighted in yellow circle at the same time

The same thing. Select the ones you want to change together, right click on one of them, choose Make Unique. Then go ahead and edit one of them.

For about the 8th time, please take the time to go through the instructional materials at

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I make rest of them unique but highlighted in yellow circle still is not connected.

Thank you for your push. I have completed 40% of Sketchup fundamental today.