Change gluing parameters on an existing component?

I understand how to set a new component’s gluing attributes (thanks to Arron’s “Glue to - Skill Builder” YT video) at the time of creation. However, I have not been able to find a way to change an existing component’s gluing attributes after the fact. Is this just not possible or am I not understanding how it can be done?

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Select the component in the In Model Components click on the Edit tab and make the change. You may need to also change the axes to get the right gluing plane in the component. To do that right click on the component and choose Change axes. Then set the origin and the red and green axis lines as appropriate.

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Well that was easy… Thank you Dave! I kept looking in the Entity Info window for the Gluing parameters.

I also wanted to add for posterity that Arron’s tip about creating the component on the X/Y plane before setting the component’s gluing axes really helped me out.

Me to, I struggled trying to change axes having watched his previous one on ‘more components’.!

You’re welcome.

That’s good but once you understand how to set up the component axes, correctly you can take off those training wheels. Personally I find it usually better to create the component from the git go in the orientation it’ll be used. If they aren’t a component I’ll be saving to reuse I model them in place where they’ll live in the model, too.