Change from 3D to 2D

How can I make my drawings from 3D to 2D ?
How can I change my drawings to a specifik scale 1:100 ?

For print…

Hello Mihai
Thank’s for the quick replay.
Do I have to upgrade to “Shop Web version” for personal use, to do this ?

What @mihai.s shows is available in the free web version.

Edit: I missed the scale part.

Yes, that’s right, ‘Print To Scale’ is part of the SketchUp Shop. You can download the SKP model and print it from SketchUp Make.


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Thank’s again.
Payed for the upgrade, and can see the upgrade on my account, but it doesnt show under My products/ Apps, so there are no way to start the uggraded version ?

You’re welcome!

How to activate one of the purchased products, SketchUp Shop in this case, @MikeWayzovski can give you very good advice.

You need to check the Member section on the left in the AMP ( )
There, give product access to email address that you use:

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Thank you Mike for the replay :slight_smile:

Got it working, but one last question is how do I make PDFs in black and white, not in color ?

Select the Hidden Line style or edit the one you have to black lines and white background.

Probably also want to turn off Axes in the Display panel.

Thank’s for all the great feedback, you all :slight_smile:
However, was’nt able to save as PDF i black/white with lines for materials on roof/walll ?

You didn’t say you wanted materials to show. You would need to either draw in lines or use black and white textures and then use the Shaded with Textures style.

Ok, thank’s :slight_smile:

You can also produce color output and change the final image in an image editors, or leave it color and have prints done grayscale.

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OK, thank’s for the feedback :slight_smile:

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