Change document orientation in Layout?

I have my home site designed in Sketchup, imported it into Layout. The default layout doc orientation is length from left to right and the short direction of the doc is top to bottom. Is there a way to rotate the print orientation behind my working model so that I can better fill the page that will be printed out? I hope I explained this clear enough.

I am aware of the axis tool in Sketchup, but it would be easier to model the project in the vertical and have the model print out vertically length wise on the paper. Plus, all of my scenes and everything is already in the vertical direction on my computer screen as well as in the model.

Go to File>Document Setup>Paper and change the orientation of the page.

If that’s the way you would typically set up your projects, make your custom template with that paper orientation so you don’t have to change it every time you start a new project.

It is of course also very easy to rotate a viewport without affecting the SU drawing on which it is based.

It is generally more comfortable to look at plans in a landscape paper orientation, so rotating the drawing may be better in some cases than rotating the paper itself.