Change 3D DWG Site Survey to 2D

I have a DWG Site Survey that has 3 dimensions but I want to flatten it to be a 2 dimensional model. Way to many datapoints to do it manually, anyone know a trick to eliminate the Z dimension?

Hello. Check out ThomThom’s Flatten and Extrude extesion. Its Flatten command slams 3D geometry of a group onto a flat plane. Keep in mind, the command works only on a group that doesn’t have other nested groups in it.

Other possibilities include these two:

There are several plugins that may do what you need.
Which is best would depend upon what you’re working with.

SketchUcation > Plugin Store > Search Sketchup Plugins for FLATTEN

Thanks all, you were a great help!

So …

Flatten and Extrude didn’t work, not clear why.

flatenvertices worked, but the resulting group appears to be locked somehow. I can’t “explode it” and I can choose Edit, but when I do everything is greyed out.

haven’t played with the others yet, done for today …

I don’t know why it would be locked, but you can unlock a group via the right-click context menu.

not locked that way, it is something else … when you go to edit it is “grayed out”.

In any case, I was able to get what I needed, so thanks folks.

One possible way to “flatten” without plugins is to go to Top view, switch your camera to Parallel Projection and export a 2D DWG (File menu>Export>2d Image>DWG) to full scale, and then import that back into SketchUp.


I’ll try that, thanks