CFileException 3

Guys, I’m getting a ‘CFileException 3’ dialogue box pop up while working with SU 2016. Any ideas what it might be?

Thx for your help

Flavio LG

Check the File Locations under the Window > Preferences menu.

Make sure they point to locations that actually exist.

Microsoft says the 3 means:

3: All or part of the path is invalid.

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I created a new set of folders and ‘Files Location’ in SU System Preferences are now pointing directly to new folders within Windows OS ‘Documents folder’.

Let’s see if it works now…

Thank you for you help.

PS: it never done it before, why are things getting so complicated? :smile:

I just got this too.
Very odd. Folder exists and everything points to it correctly. Nothing changed recently.
I saved the model for the first time without issue, made a tiny change to it and hit save as I was going to leave it for now and it threw that error.
Clicked OK on the error, saved again and it saved.
It’s a simple address too C:\Models2015\