Casting shadows from imported Sketchup model in Google Earth

Hi folks,

I created a geolocated model in Sketchup that I then imported into Google Earth. It shows up in GE just fine, but when I use the “Show sunlight across the landscape” feature, it merely shades the model and terrain, but it doesn’t cast a shadow across the terrain and onto the beighboring buildings.

Attached is a picture showing what I mean. The right side is South, and the time is set for Winter Equinox at noon.

There should be a clear shadow across the road and onto the buildings on the left. The buildings are created with the “Terrain” feature toggled on.

Within SU, I turned on the Shadow setting under “View.” I am able to get a good idea what the shadow will look like in SU, but I’d like to see how it looks on the nearby buildings.

Alternatively, I could use the Shadow setting as mentioned above, with the terrain turned on, but the terrain that exists in GE has the buildings, which is what I want. The terrain in SU has just the land formation.