Shadow study for PV with Sketch up and google earth


Hello everybody ,

I’m trying to study the shadow impact on a PV system using goole earth and sketch up.

I’ve modeled the building on sketch up and now i wanted to import it on google earth. My objective is to use the function which gives me the shadow lenght for each hour of each day of the year in order to evaluate the impact on the PV modules installed on the roof.

I found this function but i’m not able to implement everything :

1- How to set the cardinal points on the model ?
2- How to import the model on googleearth ?
3-how to make everything work ?





Which function. Please provide enough information for others to respond instead of letting them (me) guess.


I think he means the Shadow Settings window?


  1. By default the green axis will point north and the red axis will point east. Use the rotate tool about the blue axis to orient your model.
  2. Use the model info window Geo-location pane to (duh!) geolocate your model. You can do this by choosing a spot on Google Earth (which will also import terrain and imagery that you might not need) or by manually entering the coordinates if you know them.
  3. Use the shadow settings window to adjust the time and date to get the shadows.