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Sketchup Viewer for mobile is nice to see the results of your model on your mobile. You can make a show with different scenes. I would like to see this show with a cardboard viewer. OK, KUBITY offers this solution, but is far to expensive because it is made for professionals. No doubt. After cristallization by them you get a beautifull result with options and buttons that can be triggered only by looking at them. Good for professionals (they can make money out of it), but I’m a hobbyist. I think it must be easy (for the Sketchup Viewer developpers) to split the screen in 2 slightly different views in order to see your model in a cardboard viewer (without any triggers). Or @KUBITY… make a hobby version and pro version just like Twilight2 offers in their extension for Sketchup.

Hi @eric.brandsma. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about Mobile VR. It’s a known gap within the Viewer portfolio, and one that I would someday like for us to close. I think I understand the description you’ve offered here about the ways in which you would use a Mobile VR viewing capability, but if there’s anything else you’d like to share, I’m all ears. I’d also welcome any sample models that you would be willing to share (perhaps via DM). So that we can understand how you’re using scenes and use the models to test performance benchmarks, etc.

Mike, for private reasons I cannot share my model in public. Can we communicate 1 to 1? i.e. by DM?
If so please mail me.

In general: click on the person’s avatar, then on message.
See image below:

Something I’ve been trying to find time to look into is to use the glTF exporter:

to make .glb files, which I can then view inside a WebGL experience that I can make with Adobe Animate (which is able to import .glb on the fly). Very large models may be an issue for mobile web playback, but still it would be fun to try.

One difficulty with Cardboard solutions, compared to say Hololens, Vive, Oculus Rift, is that the user moving around the room won’t change the direction view, you would need the user to rotate the model for themselves. But, you would get neat stereoscopic.

I’ve requested stereoscopic in the past, even for desktop SketchUp. If it were possible to have a stereo camera view of the model, and the ability to zoom the viewport full screen, you could do some neat presentations using 3D TVs.

Back to Cardboard, another difficulty is how would the user manually select the next scene? You can’t assume that all Cardboard devices have an external button magnet, or that the user’s phone can detect the magnet. An automatic playback of a number of scenes would be possible.

or, you can send me an email at

any news? nowadays every app has VR but Sketchup! :smiley: