Sketchup mobile viewer to cardboard VR device

I can use the Sketchup mobile Viewer on my iPhone 5SE. Within the app you can choose for AR/VR, but you have to pay €10,- a year for that facility. With that facility you can place your model on your desktop or wherever you want. In the immerse mode (extra button in the AR/VRmode). Waw! Beautiful… you can walk through your model. I miss a button to choose for Carboard mode in order to put your iphone in a cardboard device (with or without controller). Is that facility available?

At this moment, there is no option for cardboard mode, perhaps in the future.
Have a look at Kubity

Kubity geprobeerd. Alles gaat OK… Kubity GO en Kubity VR. Kubity Desktop op mijn MacBook Pro geinstalleerd en ook de extensie voor de Kubity knop in Sketchup zelf. Alleen Kubity Desktop slaat op tilt. Bij laden van een model vanuit Sketchup stopt de download op 89%.
Bekend hiermee?

I have sent a PM

Still no development that way? Kubity is far to expensive!