Car Model from Photographs

Hi there,
I have a few photos of a car which I’d like to try use to produce a 3D model. There are no blueprints or orthographic views of this car. Can anyone suggest a possible method for doing so?
It only needs to be visually accurate and not to exact scale. I’ve tried tracing the images, but with the perspectives I have its quite difficult.

For something like that, I would import the image and stand it up in the background for reference and just eyeball the drawing. Maybe start with planes on which you can draw ortho views and then use those to intersect each other. to create the 3D shape.

Okay thanks, I think thats given me something to work with!

Isn’t it far more easy to just google for blueprints / photos of the car but perpendicular to the sides instead?! You could also try Photomatch as well but in that case you need a good perspective…and it will only get you started because of the ‘blobby’ shape of the car

Here are a few YouTube videos pertaining to modeling based on photos


  • This one uses a sub-d and quad based modeling workflow for creating the smooth geometry.
    Take note of how the general shape of the car was created from the elevation & plan view images.
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You are somewhat cryptic about this car and the unavailability of orthogonal ‘blueprints’.
What is it ?
I find it hard to imagine that in this age of a zillion web sites there’s not something available.

But, assuming there is nothing available, you could draw approximate 2d views - top, side, front and back onto some rectangular faces… Use SketchUp and draw to scale, grouping the various views separately and checking that they correspond at critical points with heights and widths etc.
Then arrange those as outlined in ChrizDizon’s linked examples and start the 3d for based on the flat views.
You can add more details as you go.
As DaveR suggested importing the 3d photos will also be a boon during these steps…

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Thanks for all your feedback, sorry if i"ve not been clear. I’m modelling a Formula Ford 1600 - To my understanding one has never been modelled, nor are there orthogonal views publicly available. I will attempt drawing from photos as you’ve explained, thanks!

This probably isn’t the exact one - but it’s a start…

Try some in depth googling…

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