Caprian Monestary - say what now?

Well… that’s basically the name of as place I tried to recreate in 3d.

About a year ago now (wow) :-/ I started creating what I’d call my first proper model with SU. If done tutorials for about a few weeks I think and then decided, ok I wanna make something nice looking.

Ofc the world’s your Oyster and if I started a new project now I would maybe consider doing some illustrious mansion or super house. Seems a bit route 1 in a way… have tools… make our of your league destination :-p

but hey, money can build nice things there’s no getting around that. Even if I don’t have have solid plans in place to work towards owning a super crib, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating one I guess. … my more serious goal is working to a good enough standard producing previz architecture that I can get paid for it. Anyway, enough business talk.

I have lucky/smart sister in Surrey which has some absolutely lovely properties, (side tracked). Might maybe do one of those next.

Anyhow, I live with east UK. London’s obviously got a lot of potential for building modeling, but I thought it might have been done already and I used to rebel there once per month so it’s not new to me. So I looked a bit further. Google Search basically for churches/Monestary
. Something with a nice structure and look. Eventually I settled on a clean looking Monestary in Moldova (country). No idea who designed it, when built, but it’s fairly recent.

Catholic church I believe.

I modeled by looking at a single photo. I think I got only 3 of the (7?) towers finished and there’s plenty of errors and gaps but I was happy enough with it as a first attempt. Since then I’ve move on to (less interesting) buildings, but hopefully ones which can generate some income. (Fingers crossed).

I uploaded this unfinished model to Sketchfab which I think is a great site, added some shading, tried to create a graphite sort of look. Apparently there’s lots you can do with lighting on Sketchfab but I never got into it yet. (So many options!) -shapespeak etc etc. No textures here, not even colours, it has only black and white in reality. Maybe tuck into it again someday.

A link to view the model on SketchFab

I’m done talking! Tired!
Ps- one person said it looked like R2. :slight_smile: I GUESS!



Really nice work…great detail. :+1:

I updated the original post with a link to the 3d model free-rotate/view


Great job!!!

Really great work, I have a free account for SketchFab I should start using it more!

Yup! That’s one impressive piece of work!

Thanks for comments guys.
Yeah Sketchfab seems great to me, lots of impressive work on there,
Had a good look a couple months back, there’s an Italian videographer who makes 3d character renders in his spare time who made some amazing models of the ninja turtles. Lighting is superb.

It has an editor where you can mess with lights, textures, post fx. I need more time with it soon, as I’m aiming to uses it to demo some work.

I think it’s VR capable too.