Anybody heard of the user Alpha Virtual World?

This person does all the amazing work and I’m disappointed he’ll be quitting SketchUp soon. Anybody interested in doing work just as good as he does? My personal favorite models he’s done are buildings that don’t exist in Las Vegas that should be built someday. If you need a link to see all the work he’s put in, please let me know!

Let’s see the link!

Here you go! Alpha Virtual World | 3D Warehouse

I looked at a few of the models. They seem to be OK but not especially precious. As a hobbyist, is there something particularly useful for you in his models?

Why is he quitting SketchUp soon?

It’s explained in his bio. I wish he never quit, but he has lots of Las Vegas models featured in the collection “Ideas for Future: Making Las Vegas The Greatest Place On Earth” I’m very thankful for I’ll be sharing to the Facebook group “LET’S MAKE LAS VEGAS THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH! (Ideas for its future)” Facebook group if you’d like to join.

I see.

I guess I’m not that attached to Las Vegas to make it worth joining a FaceBook group. Thanks, anyway.


The greatest place on earth is right where I live. Otherwise I wouldn’t be living there.


To make it greater, did you wanna join the Facebook group?

I checked the models from this guy, some of them are interesting but most of them aren’t aligned to the style of architecture I make and like, that doesn’t mean they’re bad designs, architecture is very subjective, any ways there’s not a clear style. Just out of curiosity, why have you chosen the city of Las Vegas? As I said architecture appreciation is subjective but Las Vegas isn’t the first city that comes to my mind when I think of beautiful, or iconic architecture, I was there a couple years ago and it’s very eclectic in a bad way in my opinion, but the purpose of Las Vegas isn’t to be the city with the best architecture, it’s to make you spend money without you even noticing it, and that’s something that it’s done perfectly.

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You make architecture? That’s amazing! I love Las Vegas because it’s my favorite place to travel to and that’s why I’ve requested so many amazing architecture that should exist in what will be the ‘greatest place on earth’ someday.

Anybody heard of the user Alpha Virtual World?

He’s you, right? It’s okay, you can admit it. :wink:

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No. Great question though!

I do, it was my dream to become an architect since I was 5 y.o, I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love.

Amazing to hear! Think you could be interested in designing the work he’s put in for Las Vegas?

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One of my teachers in architecture school, Steve Izenour, co-authored a book titled Learning from Las Vegas. That was one of the better moments of Post Modernism, but I was never into that that aspect of it.

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Thanks Aaron, I didn’t know.

One of my teachers in architecture school, Steve Izenour, co-authored a book titled Learning from Las Vegas.

No doubt the FBI have written a lot of stuff with similar titles. :grin:

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…and it makes a great location for a crime scene TV series.

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