Can't sign into SU2021!

Although I’m signed into 3d warehouse online, I’m prompted for login upon launching SUPro2021. When I click the sign in-button I’m transported to chrome, where I get the connection error timeout.

I’ve googled for an hour for a solution, without finding anything that works. This is slightly maddening.

I’ve tried swapping the URL to “localhost:” as well as the “Automatically detect intranet network” option. No luck.

Do you have any other browsers in your system, that you can try to set as the default browser? Any recent version of Edge, or Firefox for example.

Same problem on all browsers.

I am having same issue. Yesterday it was OS. Wish we could go back to good old days when downloaded the software on your cpu!!

SketchUp Pro does get downloaded and installed on your computer. What version are you using? Please complete your profile.

pro 2021 … sorry i saw that - i thought if using the web version license it didn’t download - my mistake. it is downloaded in my programs file in C drive

it just won’t launch ?

Is there any recommended way to get in touch with Trimble support?

It may depend on how it is that you own SketchUp. I don’t see any classic license for you, or any Pro subscription, so I’m not sure which is the right way for you.

If you have a subscription, and you got that through your local reseller or distributor, you would contact them for help. They would try their own suggestions, and if they get stuck they can directly contact SketchUp Support for help.

If you have a subscription directly with SketchUp, or a Classic license, you would enter the details of the problem on this page:

If you go to that page in a private browser window you will see that the Message Us part is grayed out. So, make sure to go to that page in a normal browser window, after having signed in to using the email address associated with the Classic license or the Pro subscription. The option should be available then.

In the case where you don’t appear to have at least a Shop subscription, you will be asked for the serial number for the Classic license that you own.

See if one of those options gets you through to the technical support form.