Sketch Up Pro - Desktop

I have downloaded the desktop version of the sketch up pro 2021 but when I try to sign in, the page cannot connect to take me to the sign in page. Did any one encounter such issue? If so, please help. My system requirments meet the minimum required. Thanks.

Some people have reported that the browser doesn’t open when you try to sign in. Can you try changing your default browser, and see if that works.

If it does, what browser were you using, and which one worked?

Tried changing my default browser to all I have and nothing changed. The “Can’t Reach this Page” page pops up like there is no internet. Web version although works without hassle, its just the desktop version which have this problem.

When the page opens the URL will start with (where ‘12345’ will be a port number that might change each time). Edit the URL so that it starts with localhost: instead of

See if that then loads ok. Also, check this article to see if your system Intranet settings may need adjusting:

Changing the intranet settings and the default browser to firefox have worked just right. Once the log in is complete, I reset the settings to my original and the desktop application continues to work without issues. Thanks for all the help.

Be aware that it’s possible you’ll have to do it again - SU ‘phones home’ once every 28 days to check the licence. In between checks, it allows you to use it without an internet connection.