Can't see dimension connection points


On the help-page
there’s a graphic showing “connection points” for dimensions (number 4):

But if i click one of my dimensions, i see scaling-triangles, but no connection points:


Double click on the dimension.

Single click:

Double click:


Thanks, got that.

I’m having a number of other issues around dimensions, is there somewhere a good reference about all aspects of Dimensions? Maybe a video?


I don’t know of a video or specific reference on Dimensions in LayOut other than the Help files. It does seem like you’re worrying those dimensions much more than you should need to.

Maybe I can make some tutorial on dimensions.


yeah, another big problem currently is, i can’t (always) adjust how close the extensions go towards the measuring point, only how far after the dimension line… I guess it has to do with the struggle i have here

and here