Can't run SU PRO 2018


I had the trial version of SU PRO 2016. Then it expired. I can’t run SU PRO 2018 because it only comes in 32-bit and my PC is 16-bit. I have been using SU Free but it’s a pain plus I can’t do many of the things I am used to in the PRO version. I guess I have to get a new motherboard. Any suggestions?


Maybe SU 2017 works.


I think you mean, “…because it only comes in 64-bit and my PC is 32-bit.”

At the very least you would need to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system. The current option for that is Win10 but according to the AMD site, there are no drivers for your graphics card for Win10 so you’ll be replacing the graphics card if that’s possible in your computer. At this stage it would probably make more sense to buy a new computer.


Or just install the Make version of 2016. Assuming you don’t need it for commercial use.


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