Can't push/pull bezier curve

I’m kind of new to sketchup and am using sketchup make 2015. (geez, who has that kind of money to spend on pro)
I’m probably approaching this all wrong, but I have I have two circles attached together in a component.
The first is R6", the other is R1". The R1" circle intersects the R6" circle and is bisected by the R6" circle. (i.e. the R6" circle has a 1/2" bump on it in the Red direction)

I wanted to use a bezier curve to smooth the angle where the two surfaces meet. I attached the bezier curve to tangent of the of R6 and R1 to form a smooth corner, but when I try to push/pull the tool will not let me. Says it cannot push/pull curved or smoothed surfaces.

Ok, I get it… it wants nice straight lines to push/pull.

Any ideas how I can approach this?


You might try using the plugin called Joint Push Pull (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) or you could post your model here so others can review it and possibly offer constructive advice.

Push/Pull acts upon faces, not lines. A face is the thin, thin skin stretched over a series of edges (lines) that form a coplanar, closed loop.

A face may be bounded by straight edges or by curves, which is to say that the face can be any 2D shape whatsoever, provided there are no gaps, no intruding edges, and, of course, all points on the face are coplanar.

Obviously, this means you can’t Push/Pull the surface of a cylinder or sphere since those aren’t faces. These are examples of what is called a surface in SU talk. A surface is two or more adjacent faces that together form a curved or contoured surface. The edges between the faces are softened/smoothed, making the surface appear to be a smooth and continuous curve, although it’s actually faceted.

If you are just making a fillet between two intersecting arcs, I don’t think you need to resort to a bezier curve; a plain old arc made with the Arc tool and tangent inferencing will do nicely.


I think I figured out what I did wrong. When I added a guide point for the arc termination, I missed the edge of the R6 circle. This left a small gap. Need to be careful when using the tape measure (straight line) on curves.

Thanks for the help,

I don’t know if I follow the need for “a guide point for the arc termination,” or even know what that means, but the more general tip to follow to avoid gaps is to wait for inferencing feedback every time you click the mouse. If you click to end a line before you see, for instance, a green dot and the tooltip “Endpoint,” you may as well save yourself the effort–the click will be off by a little or a lot. You must allow SU to localize your mouse pointer for it to place your click where you want it.


I was using guide points in order to ensure that the arc was balanced and at the tangent points of the R1 circle and R6 circle. I also was trying to locate the center point of the arc’s circle in case I needed it.
Thinking about it, I probably didn’t need the guides since the tangents should line up with the normal axis.

The arc seemed to have worked, but I’m not sure I like the shape. I think I’ll give the Bézier curve another try. I think I like its look better.

Thanks again for your help