Can't place the camera inside my house

I’ve built a home and for a school assignment I need to get an inside perceptive but I can’t manage to place the camera inside of the living room

I’ve tried the look around, walk and position camera functions but none of them are able to place me inside the house. I always happen to have the back wall in front of me

Croquis.skp (5.3 MB)
Here’s the file of my project.

Change the Camera to Perspective first.

Strike that. You have the field of view set very narrow. Try it with this copy. Looks like you were probably trying to Zoom with Ctrl held. Don’t do that.

Croquis fixed.skp (5.3 MB)

BY the way, I fixed the incorrect tag usage, too.
Screenshot - 5_15_2023 , 10_43_30 AM

You legend, thank you so much! So should I rather use the zoom tool to zoom in cause I was using ctrl all the time to move around

If you have a 3-button mouse, which would be best, use the scroll wheel by itself to zoom, press the scroll wheel to orbit, and press scroll wheel with Shift to pan. Don’t touch Ctrl while navigating around your model.

By the way, it would be a good idea to learn to make components and groups of the content youa re modeling.

Got it! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

If you ever do want to place the camera inside the room, while on Parallel Projection, a change we made about a year ago means you now need to use the Position Camera tool to place and drag in the direction you want to look in, then only use zoom and pan to change the view. If you orbit after placing the camera, its position will be moved to be outside of the building.

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