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Just built my first model in FREE and I’m having trouble getting inside the model. I used to use Lightwave that was easy as it was just a camera you could move. Is there a camera in the FREE version? I adjusted the Field of View, that helped, but I still felt like a giant in a little persons house.

The big difference is that the controls in SketchUp allow you to move the MODEL, not the camera… as you are using Orbit, remember you are grabbing the model and moving it in 3d space.

Is that right considering the model never moves in relation to the axis? When walking and looking around, is that not camera control in a static model?

Yes. You are moving the entire 3D world. At least, with Orbit… it is different controls (opposite) from software that gives you control of the camera location

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standard views, obit, pan, zoom operate on the model view camera global position…

modelling tools [move, etc.] operate on the models global position…


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You can get inside the model, though. Make sure you have the camera set to Perspective and generally a wider field of view seems to help.

@swingrays You can see inside the model if you apply an Xray style.

Incorrect. The object being oribited, or panned, or walked is the view camera object.
(The API makes this quite clear.)

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OK… that is probably true… but as a user on the OUTSIDE of the API… you use the Orbit tool to grab the model space, then spin it about the handle in 3D space… My point is that it is different from other models where the tools allow you to move the camera as though you were flying around the model… Like the difference of Walk Around and Orbit… one allows the controls to move YOU while the other move (the 3D space that is) the model.

I’d rather people be told that they are moving the camera by pushing against the 3D “world” (not that they are moving the world.) Otherwise it will lead to confusion down the road.


I’m using the FREE version. I see absolutely no controls for the camera.

The Orbit, Zoom, and Pan controls are how you view your model in Free. They fly out of the bottom button on the toolbar.

I did that in the free version. In Views you can ensure that you have the Camera set to Perspective and after selecting the Zoom tool, you can type in a new angle of view.Screenshot%20-%2012_10_2019%20%2C%202_39_12%20PM


That’s the way I see it too. Orbit, Pan, Walk, and Look Around all manipulate the camera. Some change the camera position while others change the direction the camera is looking. With or without [Shift] and [Ctrl].

Example: use Walk and see the ‘Eye Height’ shown in the ‘Measurements’ field down right.
With this tool active orbit to whatever location and you’ll see a different new ‘Eye Height’ (where the camera is looking from) as a result.

Saying that orbit doesn’t move the camera to me sounds as saying that the world is flat.


With @TheOnlyAaron’s and @DaveR’s posts above you’ll be able to find Orbit, Pan, Zoom and Walk, Position Camera and Look Around.

Position Camera lets you pinpoint the camera location with a simple click or lets set its location and the camera direction. Click and hold down the Leftmouse button. Drag the cursor to the target location (where you will be looking at) and let go of the mouse button.
You can also do so when being in X-ray mode, to position the camera inside existing geometry.
Don’t forget to save a scene to easily get back inside to the same camera position later.

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