Can't open the program at all... SketchupPro-en-dmg.dms on Mac

Hi All. I just downloaded a trial version for Sketchup Pro for Mac. My computer says it can’t open it because “Safari can’t open the file “SketchUpPro-en-dmg.dms” because no available application can open it.” What application do I need? I have the basic free version downloaded already and working.

Where did you download from?

What version? (SketchUp->About SketchUp)

Do you have a Trimble ID?

.dms is not the extension used by any official SketchUp download, which suggests you got the file from some other source that repackaged it. According to web search, dms was a compression format used by the Amiga computer (long gone) or by some game apps. I’d be worried about what might really be in that file.

Edit: there have been reports of some web servers erroneously adding a dms extension when they can’t figure out the actual type of a file. SketchUp normally downloads as a .dmg file, which a properly configured server should recognize. So again I’d be worried about your source.

@Barry is this something you can pass along to the right people to check. As I wrote, it sounds like a badly configured web server.

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I found the file here:
Or it started here
I’m using Sketchup 8.0.11751
Yes, I just started a Trimble account
Thanks for input.

I found it here: and I then selected professional and mac version and it downloaded the dms file.
Maybe I just need to go ahead and get the paid version, but I was hoping to try it out first. I am a licensed architect and have used Sketchup for many years to generate perspective drawings which I would overlay for renderings. Now I am working on my own and have a small architecture project. I will be making working drawings, or construction documents, and wanted to see if I could make them with Sketchup Pro because I find Sketchup to be so intuitive. I am also looking at DraftSight, but it says the Mac version is only in beta and they will take it down 12/31/2019.

Try downloading it from here:

Thanks Dave! I’m downloading it now, will report back shortly.

I got the file up and working just fine with the link DaveR sent. I appreciate it.
I’m downloading the trial to my desktop iMac, I wonder if I will be able to also have the trial on a laptop with the same Trimble id?
Any suggestions on where to look for tutorials on using Layout- I’m making architectural drawings with dimensions of small residential addition.

Have a good weekend.

Start with this: and LayOut Essentials.

Wow. Perfect! Thanks again Dave.

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On the question of whether you can use the trial on your laptop, yes, that should work. The trial is of the SketchUp Studio subscription, and with the subscription versions you can install SketchUp on as many machines as you like, but then you are limited to being signed into your account on two at any one time. So, testing on your desktop and laptop at the same time should work.

Great, thank you Colin.

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