Can't Import .dxf or .dwg in LICENSED Sketchup PRO 2015

I am trying to import .dwg and .dxf files in SU PRO 2015 (a licensed version.) This is THE SINGLE reason I paid nearly $600 for the license. Can anyone help with this issue?


File > Import…

When the Import window opens and I locate the files I want any .dxf or .dwg files are greyed out and not functional. See screen shot:

Where the dialog says “Format:”, select *.dwg or *.dxf.

Traditionally, if the Format popup menu doesn’t contain DWG or DXF or it is greyed out, deleting your Preferences file and repairing your disk permissions might help. But, as Jim says, DWG/DXF is not an image format, so, when you have “All supported image types” as the format selected, they will naturally be greyed out.


Thank you both! That totally (obviously) worked.

I saw “all supported image types” and imagined it was “all supported file types” like in most dialogue boxes.

Reading helps.

I’ve been there too @adamgrantalexander. In many years of teaching, I’ve also seen that issue come up a surprising lot. There is a variation to this “problem” that is actually fixed with SketchUp 2015 but for the longest time when switching from “All Supported Image Types” to “AutoCAD Files (*.dwg, *.dxf)”, cad files in that directory would still remain greyed out. I think I spent a couple of hours on various forums before I found out the greyed out file was actually selectable. (long time ago)

Auto-detecting the import format would be nice.