Can't go through a plane



Let’s suppose I’m gonnna look and draw something inside a cube or inbetween closely placed parallel planes. To achieve this, I’ve tried to zoom in - but I couldn’t go “through” the nearest plane. How can I acheve this? Or at least make some part of a model invisible for a while?


Section cuts are also great for viewing the interior of an object.

Btw you can actually go through an object by keeping zooming in. However this behavior is one of the biggest and most annoying limitations in SketchUp in my view. How close you have to be to an object for it to clip (get invisible) depends on the physical size of the model. This means you cannot draw details within a physically large model (e.g. a furniture in an architectural model that has a landscape visible outside the window). Of course you can draw in external files, and link and do all sorts of advanced things, but this is still very annoying. SketchUp would be better if you could never ever in a million years go through a face simply using zoom.



The section tool in the web version is currently located in the 3rd from the bottom, left hand toolbar, pop out.


Thank you all very much for so exhaustive responses! :slight_smile: