Can't get irregular shape to show volume

I’m struggling to get a shape to show me volume. Can anyone help please?
Allen volume.skp (343.8 KB)

3D volume.skp (623.7 KB)


Amazing thank you

Sorry I still can’t get it, could you please fix this one for me?
reduced.skp (371.7 KB)

  • change the style to see better
  • go to Window > Model Info > Units and untick ‘Enable length snapping’

Now draw again, paying more attention at using inferences and lock direction (arrow keys)


Many thanks x

Still can’t quite get it
reduced (1).skp (376.9 KB)

It will be useful for you to pay even more attention to what and how you draw. If you want to create solid groups, they must not have gaps in their surface.


Thank you for your patience

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