Can't find right-click context menu item 'Divide' on SketchUp Pro 2022

In SketchUp Pro 2021 I can find the context menu ‘Divide’ and use it with no problem.

But, when trying to do the same in SketchUp Pro 2022 I can’t find ‘Divide’ in the context menu.

I am currently running SketchUp Pro Version 22.0.353 on MacBook Pro (macOS Big Sur Version 11.6).

Any help will be appreciated because I depend on the Divide tool a lot!

The feature was removed for some reason. It has been reported so hopefully it’ll return in an update.

In the meantime you can edit the number of sides in Entity Info.

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Thank you for the fast response!

Yes, I logged that as a bug. It’s not a difficult problem, I would expect it to be fixed in the next update.

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Thanks for the info about this issue being solved in future updates.

In the beginning, I thought the reason ‘Divide’ did not appear was that it was not a native tool from SketchUp and was instead added by a plugin.

This led me to remove all the extensions on SketchUp Pro 2021 (older version) where it was working to see if it also removed ‘Divide’ from the context menu… But, it did not.

While on a Developer Meetup discussing UX topics for Sketchup, someone mentioned that not being able to visually tell apart Native tools from extensions tools was confusing for users.

There have been times when I thought a context menu item was native to SketchUp but was instead added by a plugin. Would be nice to tell native tools apart from plugins.

Again thanks!

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This happened to me with my very own extension!

When I upgraded to 2022, before installing extensions, I played around and found that the tag tooltip feature wasn’t working - click on an object and the tooltip would display the tag name.

Someone did a Google search and found a forum post where I was asking api questions about how to display information to the tooltip for a custom select tool :laughing:

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