Missing sub menu

I have SketchUp 2020 and somehow I’m missing under Dimensions and Protractor the sub menu’s that enable me to choose the angle tool.
It’s supposed to have a small triangle which enables to open sub menues but those triangels are not there.

[menu]View->Tool palettes->Large toolset

Thats what I have selected

Perhaps try a Reset ?
On a PC it’s
View > Toolbars > Reset All

on a MAC I think you need to substitute ‘Tool Palettes’ etc…

What angle tool are you referring to? You aren’t thinking of this one are you?
Screenshot - 10_11_2020 , 12_07_58 PM

That doesn’t exist in SketchUp. It’s a LayOut thing.

Yes I do mean this one

Well, it’s not missing in SketchUp. It has never existed in SketchUp. You need to be looking for it in LayOut.

I have Mac and I don’t have Tool Pallets or I don’t look at the right place. All I have is View - Customise toolbar but there is no other button that has a sub menu option.

Are you looking in the View menu in SketchUp?

Yes, I do

I do what?

I did find it indeed in the layout but I don’t use there the measurements :frowning:-(
Frustrating that in the program self you don’t have those sub menus’s!

Thank you for your help!

Looking in View menu in SketchUp

Well, you might as well stop looking for the tools you’ve been looking for since they don’t exist in SketchUp and never have.

The Dimension tools in LayOut are better than the ones in SketchUp anyway.

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the only tool icons with a submenu are line tool, shapes and arc. The dimension tool or protractor hasn’t:

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