Cant find rbz. file

I have been trying to add openstudio extension to sketchUp but it isnt working. SketchUp only accepts rbz. documents which I cant find in openstudio downloads. Openstudio only has rb. files. How can I add openstudio in sketchUp?

What version are you trying to install? Older versions like 1.0.0 won’t work in newer versions of SketchUp.

Get the current version (2.5.0) of OpenStudio here.

By the way, your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2018 Make but there’s no such thing. Please correct your profile.

I already have downloaded the current version of openstudio.

And it downloaded as a .rb file? If that’s the case, you can compress it into a .zip file with something like 7-zip. Then change .zip to .rbz.

You should be following their instructions.

I will try to do that, thank you!