Can't find / get rid of a reference in Layout

I have a drawing in Layout that shows a .png file as a reference in File\Document Setup. I cannot find where this bogus file is supposed to be in my document. I have even deleted everything on the page and done a purge yet it still remains as a reference.

Does anyone have a clue how to highlight this reference on the page, find it, or get rid of it?

It’s not really a huge deal but it annoys me tremendously not being able to find something in a file that I create.

Do you have a layer whose visibility is turned off?

No. All layers are visible. And when I said that I deleted everything on the page, that includes deleting all but the default layer.

Can you share the LO file?

Here it is.

Example.layout (37.0 KB)

The image is just a pattern you imported into the file. If you don’t want it in the LO file anymore follow the steps below.

In Shape Style, deselect Pattern.
Go to File>Document SetUp>References.
Select the PNG and then click on Purge.

As long as that pattern is currently able to be used, you can’t purge it from the file.

Thanks. That was driving me nuts.