Can't Enter License for Version 8 Mac

My computer died, and I’m migrating everything to a new(er) one. I loaded Sketchup from an old DMG and am currently running the free version, with features such as floating tool pallette, xray view, and Layout disabled.

I’d like to get them, but License in the menu is grayed out. The splash screen has nothing for license on it. All I get is links to support, which I understand is nonexistent for this version at this time.

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline to upgrade to 2017 by a couple months. I would gladly do that, but find myself allergic to the subscription model for both financial and ethical reasons.

I seem to remember that About Sketchup used to show license info, but all I get is links to such unhelpful things as downloading Make.

Any suggestions?

The license for SketchUp 8 would only work for SketchUp 8. It would not work on any other version of SketchUp. Normally they only sell licenses for the current version so you wouldn’t be able to purchase a license for SketchUp 2017 at this point and currently the only license option available for purchase would be the subscription.

You said you loaded SketchUp from an old DMG. What version of SketchUp was that?

License info is normally under the [menu] Help > Welcome Screen
There should be a tab where you can add the license

In version 8 license either had an own item in the Help menu or then there was a button on the About Sketchup window, don’t have it around any more to check.

On a Mac, v8M2 Pro has:

and the licence dialogue looks like this:

I have an old version 8 of Pro, which I used several years ago to test whether a new plugin worked in SU 8. I haven’t yet run out of the free trial period (which was then 8 hours of use) not an elapsed time (currently 30 days), hence the blank licence details, but a still-working copy.

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I’ve installed SU v8 from the DMG. I’m currently using it in the freebie version.

While I would gladly buy v. 2017 from Trimble, they no longer sell it. I’m not trying to use a v. 8 license on v 2017.

There is a grayed-out License item under the Sketchup menu. On my old computer, it opened the license window John showed, where licenses could be entered or updated. However, for some reason I cannot now access it.

The Help window leads me to this menu item. Also to a website selling current versions of SU.

The About Sketchup menu item leads me to a small window with links, both expired ones and the one selling the current version. I don’t see anything that leads to entering a license other than these, and they don’t work.

TIA for your help and suggestions

Could you click on my avatar and then on Message, and let me know what email addresses you have used in the past for your licenses? I can then look up what versions you have a license for, and hopefully one of those is later than SketchUp 8. I already looked up the email address you use with the forum, and couldn’t find any licenses under that. I did find several other people with the same name, and I’m hoping one of those is you.

So you know, SketchUp 8 is unlikely to work on any recent Mac system.

Colin is probably right, but for what it’s worth, SU8M2 runs for quite a while without crashing on my OS Mojave. Haven’t tried any serious work on it though.

The plugin ran too, but eventually caused an out of memory error and crashed SU8 after that.

It was Catalina that cut off the use of older apps. With Big Sur even 2017 doesn’t last very long.

Yes, I’m still running Mojave, which is older than Catalina. It runs 2020 and 2021 ok, though, and although I don’t often use 2017, I still have it installed, and use it occasionally, so far without issue.

I haven’t upgraded the OS, and don’t intend to, unless forced, since there are a couple of other programs I use regularly which won’t run on anything later than Mojave, and I can’t find equivalents for Mac OS X that will, nor any which will do the equivalent on Windows 10 either.