Can't empty SketchUp Viewer

I can not delete old models from SketchUp Viewer in android. the trash ikon does nothing. Reinstall the upp did not help…

My Android phone needs recharging, I’ll try later on.

To make sure I’m doing the same test, do you touch the i button and the model flips around, to show the trash icon? Also, you’re using version 5.3?

Never mind, I have enough charge to see what is the problem.

I think that the icons only have a hit area where the black lines are. The white areas of the icons don’t detect touches. It seems ok on iPhone. I got slightly better success by turning my phone upside down, but it would also still fail most of the time.

I’ll show this to the mobile app QA tomorrow.

Hi Colin

Thank you for responding.
I re - downloaded the viewer, so i assume I have the latest version.
your diagnosis looks right, I am using One Plus 7 with curved adges, and the icon is on the adge.

there are more funny things going on: it freezes some times, and i need to reopen it to go on. The flouting tools bar is on all the time hiding a big part of the model, and more…

lets start with deleting old models…

thanks again,


I looked at this with mobile QA, and my first guess may not be exactly right, and the problem could be to do with how long you press for. Not sure right now, but QA could see enough to carry on with the problem.

We did get one case where it wasn’t responding for a moment.