Can't download

Hi, there.

I can’t download anything from 3D warehouse, every time I get an object it tells me I can’t download, no authorization.
It worked fine before, from one object to another it stopped working.

I upload in collada files.

What is SketchUp Version 2? Are you using a web browser product or desktop?


Sketchup 2 isn’t supported, you need at least sketchup 2021 to be able to download models from the 3D warehouse from the program, you can download from the website but I’m not sure if sketchup 2 could be able to import collada files or if you can install an extension to open newer versions from eneroth.

SketchUp version 2 didn’t support extensions. Extensions were introduced in version 4.


I’m not on sketchup I’m on live home 3D
There is no other support than this one on 3D warehouse, I download in collada for live home.

I put version 2 on sketchup because it’s mandatory to register here.

I download via the browser, today I download much object but Suddenly it doesn’t work.

I don’t know the numbers, but there is a limit to how many models you are allowed to download during a time period. You also have to have a SketchUp account and be logged in.

Ok I understand, thanks for answer guys.

I gather you are not actually using SketchUp since you put bogus information in your forum profile. Are you just scavenging SketchUp models to share on your own website or something?

nah, not quite.

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