Can't color in or cut out drawings


I drew this half women half lion statue, it’s just a line drawing, but some of the lines are dark and some are lite. the dark one’s are the one’s preventing me from color in or cutting it out so i can use it on a buildings gable. But all the lines say on face but i can’t do nothing with it. any advice would be grateful.

Thank You
markorvll .


Orbit around and look at the model edge on. I expect you’ll find those dark edges aren’t on plane so they don’t form faces. No faces, no material.


Iv’e done that but they seem to be on face, i think maybe some might not be connected right


It looks like some aren’t connected and creating closed loops. why don’t you download the file to your computer and upload it here so we can examine it and give some concise advice?


angel.skp (648.9 KB)


It is indeed a lack of connections. I colored each separate face. The heavy edges are heavy because they don’t enclose faces on their own.


thank you so much, do you think i need to redo most of those lines? or is there some way to fix it without having to start over?

thank you


You just need to figure out where to close the loops and draw in the edges.


Thank you DaveR, you’ve been more than helpful



Close View / Edge Style / Profiles. Lines will appear as lite.


couldn’t color it in or cut it out to use it as a kind of terracotta (either antefixes and revetments) architectural decor but i have to start over because not all lines are on face for some reason. Kinda sucks because it took so long to do. I had to zoom in really close to see any imperfections but found none, makes no sense. Maybe there’s too many lines and curves? Looks like you fixed it?



All the lines are on the surface. Dark lines profile edges, lite lines edge of enclosed areas. Areas must be closed to paint.


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