Can't capture a terrain from Google earth

I have tried to follow the steps to import a terrain from google earth like I have seen on many video tutorials on the net, but the last step just won’t work. When I click on “Capter” (French equivalent to the “Grab” button) the selected region doesn’t display in the work space like it should, instead it appears in a separate (and useless) display window.
Is this a bug or an intended limitation to the Google version of Sketchup pro?
How can I solve this?

This is what happens after grabbing. As you can see, the image has not been inserted in the work space.

Hi Dehen and everyone’s reading. I’ve got the same problem and I cannot find any way to solve it!!! I’d be glad if anyone of you guys knows how to fix this situation :slight_smile: . Thnx for your attention! Good job to everyone!
Take care!

Have you went thru steps of geo-location. In windows, model info select geolocation. Input the lat and long. Su will the import automatically from google earth with the pins wherein you can change the area and then grab. I just tried in my version of SU8=> do not have pro.

Also just tried with Su2014 and is ok.
Suggest you enable the Google tool and that makes import easier