Can't access imported .dae object with the API before it's placed in the scene

I want to access an object after it’s imported but still not placed.
Is there a way to do it?
I have tried:

Sketchup.active_model.active_view.refresh # Refresh view
id = UI.start_timer(2, false) # set timer

Is there a way to maybe automatically place an object in the scene on import?

Dir.chdir(path) {
    import = model.import(file_name, options)
model = Sketchup.active_model
entities = model.entities # no imported model
selection = model.selection # no imported model

As of SketchUp 2021.1 you have definition.import:

That way you get a handle to the definition and you can place it in the model yourself.


Use the DefinitionList #import method to import a (non-SketchUp) 3d model file as a definition. Then you can access this definition before placing.

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Okay thanks! I’m currently on 21.0.391. Is there a solution for this version or is it time to upgrade?

If you want to work with SU2021, You can still download the SketchUpPro-2021-1-332-116 from here:

and you can update the existing version only…

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Fixes/improvements are never backported. You’d have to use the minimum version for that feature. This will off course mean your extension’s minimum supported SU version will be SU2021.1.

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