Can't access bottom of Materials drop-down list - SU2016 Pro

Just updated to SU2016 Pro from 2015 & now have the right side Default Tray. Only problem is, I loaded my own Materials folder into the Materials library & now the Materials drop down list won’t let me select the folder, which is located at the bottom of the list. When I try and scroll the list, it scrolls too fast & goes past my folder & I can’t select it. Kinda frustrating.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem & is there a work around or fix?

(1) Customize your trays. Create new trays that are organized the way you work. (The single “Default Tray” is not meant to really be the way you leave them.)

(2) I have posted screenshots of my 4 custom trays docked to the right side:

See: Layout Trays - SU / LAYOUT Interface coordination - #2 by DanRathbun

On the left I have auto-hidden trays “Help” (Instructor panel) and “Object Tree” (Outliner panel,) that are collapsed to margin tabs, and will slide out into view when ever I hover on or click these tabs.

Thanks mate. It wasn’t so much the tray position/setup, as it was the drop down list within the Materials Tray. I actually set it up as a new tray but it didn’t help. The drop down list in the Materials tray wouldn’t let me select the folder I had added to the Library. Not sure what was going. Maybe it was just too late at night. New morning and I just opened SU > Materials Tray and loaded my materials folder and now it is at the bottom of the list and I can select it.

All sorted. Thanks for reply.

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