Cannot place model in components in Sketchup 2017 Make

When I click and drag on a 3D Warehouse component nothing happens. If I double click a component, I get file not found. When I click OK on error message, it says error occurred in connecting to 3D Warehouse. From Window menu when I click on 3D Warehouse I just get spinning icon. I can login to 3D Warehouse using Chrome but all models available are 2021 or newer, so not compatible with my 2017 Sketchup Free.

Yes. You’re using Make 2017, it has not been compatible with the in-app 3d warehouse for quite some time now. I’d say 2-3 years ?

The in-app warehouse only supports the last 3 versions of SU, because it uses recent versions of chromium.

either download as Collada and import into SU make, or check the extension warehouse for an extension by eneroth, something like “open newer version”. It’s a free extension for windows that allows you to open recent sketchup files. Since all the files are now the same since 2021, you’ll be able to use the 3d warehouse through your browser.

Thanks Pierre, for clarifying and I will give your suggestion a try.